Online Learning Applications

Koya University adopted officially the following two applications to achieve the online learning:

    1. Moodle as the open source application for the course management system

    2. Google Hangouts Meet as the Google application for online meeting, online lecturing and video recording

زانکۆی کۆیه‌ به‌ فه‌رمی ئه‌م ئه‌پلیکه‌یشنانه‌ی خواره‌وه‌ له‌خۆ ده‌گرێت بۆ ته‌واو کردنی خوێندنی ئۆنڵاین

ئه‌پلیکه‌یشنی موودڵ بۆ به‌ڕێوه‌بردنی سیسته‌می کۆڕسات.

ئه‌پلیکه‌یشنی جوجڵ هانگاوتس میت بۆ بینینی ئۆنڵاین، خوێندنی ئۆنڵاین، وه‌ تۆمار کردنی ڤیدیۆ.

Moodle is an acronym for "Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment." It is a free and open-source learning management system (LMS).

Moodle is the world’s open source learning platform that allows educators to create a private space online and easily build courses and activities with flexible software tools for collaborative online learning.

The URL of moodle is:

To access moodle platform of Koya University click here

Google Hangouts Meet Key features include:

    • High-definition video and audio meetings with up to 250* participants

    • Real-time captions powered by Google speech-to-text technology

    • Easy access - just share a link and anyone can join with one click from desktop or mobile

    • International dial-in numbers to any meeting for team members who prefer to call in

    • Integration with Calendar for seamless scheduling and easy access to meeting details and calendar attachments from your Meet video call

Anyone can join a meeting on Meet through an invite, however, some capabilities are available only to G Suite customers.